jailbreaking has broken my push notifications

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I jailbroke two days ago, and had a really bad springboard crash yesterday. It would appear that the phone disagreed with an app I installed because it's fine now I've taken it off again. However, since it crashed, it has forgotten all my passwords and has broken my push notifications. Every time I open an app that should have push, it tells me to connect to itunes to enable push notifications. I've tried disabling and re-enabling them, both globally and individually, but this has made no difference.. Has anyone else ever experienced this? Or, does anyone know how I might fix this? Thanks for any help in advance. danielle



Submitted by robbie123 on Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hi, Well, I had the exact same issues with push notifications when jailbreaking IOS4.3.1. Again, I think this was down to a dodgy package, but I got the same message when opening apps that use push. Since it wasn't obvious what had caused the problem, I simply connected my phone to ITunes and hit restore to undo the jailbreak. When I re-jailbroke, everything was fine, though I was a lot more careful about what I downloaded from Cydia. Google wasn't much help either, apart from telling me that it was an issue which mainly affected IOS3. Hope this helps, Robert

I have a question, when you restored your iDevice, was it an iPod touch? If it was not, when restored, do you lose all your contacts which is stored on the cymCard? Thanks.