Jailbreak issue, please help

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Hi, I'm encountering difficulties with jailbreaking my iPhone 4s running IOS7. 06. I used Evasi0n for the jailbreak, however the jailbreak stopped when it arrived at the installation step on my phone, after the bit where the computer loads stuff on the phone and after it loads the evasi0n7 app on my phone and after I click the app and the phone restarts. When the phone finishes restarting, it is suppose to install stuff on the phone such as the cydia stuff, but it doesn't do anything. It is as though nothing happened and nothing was installed. Can someone instruct me what the issue may be and what I should do? Thanks for any assistance for this.



Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Saturday, March 8, 2014

What should happen when you run evasion is your phone will reboot then ask you to tap a jailbreak icon that it put on your home screen, then it will reboot again, then it will ask you to unlock your device (which VoiceOver seems to somehow do for you). If it freezes, try unplugging and plugging your phone back in. Also check for any messages from evasion with your screen reader's screen review features (VO cursor, JAWS cursor, NVDA object review, etc). If plugging the phone again didn't work, first backup to iTunes or iCloud, restore to factory, set up your iPhone as new, perform the jailbreak, and then restore your original backup.