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I just got my first Mac and I'm really enjoying it so far; however, I cannot figure out how to download the music I've already purchassed through iTunes onto my Mac. Everything I've read said there should be a link or a button next to each song in my purchase history and a download all link or button on that page but I cannot find anything that will let me download. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Submitted by David Woodbridge on Thursday, September 6, 2012

To access previously purchased music in iTunes on the Mac: 1. Go to the Source list and navigate down to Purchased items. 2. If you have interacted with the Source list, stop interacting, and navigate with VO+RightArrow (VO equals Control and Option) until you get to the download previously Purchased button, and then VO+Space to activate. 3. You will be then returned to the Source list with the iTunes Store selected. Navigate to the html area and interact. 4. You will then find all your previously purchased items including: Music (which will be selected), Movies, TV shows, Apps and books: as music is selected, you can then navigate through all your music, and download.

Hi David, Thanks for your response. I'm wondering if something could be wrong with my iTunes? My sources table only has 18 choices in it and none of them are "purchased items." Could I have removed some of the sections? By the way, I truly appreciate all the podcasts you've made; they've helped me a great deal.

As far as I know, you can't turn this off in the source list. However, you can still get to your purchased items by: 1. Navigate down to the iTunes Store in the Source list, 2. VO+RightArrow over to the html area and interact, 3. VO+U for the VO rotor, make sure your on the Links list, and start typing purchase, 4. The list should narrow down to the Purchased link, VO+Space to move to the link, and VO+Space again to activate, and 5. You should now be on your Purchased items page. David PS thanks for the feedback about my Mac demos, much appreciated.

Hi David, I got to the list of songs in the manner you described in your last comment; however, there is still no download link or button. There is a list of the songs I've purchased but no way to download them. Should I reinstall iTunes or something? Is there even a way to do that? Thanks for all of your assistance.