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I'm a blind user of iPhone 5, that I alos used iPhone 3GS before. I've never else don't to work with my iPhone on Itunes by my computer. My computer has the screen reader Jaws 14, that I heard by my friends that it's not working so great to do something when iPhone is pluged with Itunes. ;Only just by Mac computers;. Is it true? From the first time I had bought my 3GS and until now my iPhone 5, I'm worry to crash my phone by all of problems cuz of this one. But I'd to know how to use it if there's some solutions between Itunes and Jaws. You know, I will maybe transfer music on my device, or install next up coming ios software or doing that what you can make it on that. So, if you have screen reader Jaws, nothing works and it sucks!!!!! WHAT'S YOUR TIPS???



Submitted by Brooke on Friday, September 13, 2013

I use Jaws 14 and iTunes. Sometimes it runs a bit slow, and it can be confusing at first (I still get lost occasionally). But it does work. I've backed up my phone, synced it, and used iTunes to get Voiceover going once when I lost speech.

Submitted by crunch-o-mattic on Friday, September 20, 2013

I just read the book iOS 7 WITHOUT THE EYE by Jonathan Mosen Distributed by: Mosen Consulting he has alot of info on o.s.7, and also says that "If you are just getting started, there’s no better resource than Anna Dresner and Dean Martineau’s book “Getting Started with the iPhone”, available from National Braille Press." I hope your able to work threw the itunes maze. I just installed v 11.01 cause it had to be done in order to use I phone o s 7.I support Apple devicess cause Steve jobs made shore us Blind and VI persons weren't left behind, or forced to pay extra for adaptive programs. Steve new a bunch of "phone freeks" many if not most were Blind. Steve is quoted in the book "exploding the phone" as saying "if it wasn't for the phone freeks I wouldn't of invented apple." My hats off to Apple for not making me feel like there doing me a faver by allowing me to use there programs and hardwhere. I a am able to show my sited peears how to do stuff on there phones, something I seldem was able to do before iphones.