iTunes 12.4 question - struggling to view all of my apps

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On my Windows 7 64 bit computer I have iTunes 12.4 installed also using NVDA latest edition. When I link my iPhone 5C running IOS 9.3.2 to my computer and sinc with iTunes I can clearly hear I have 31 apps installed, but on my computer under music under iTunes media folder it only shows 18 apps. What can I do to view the rest of the apps in the library? In July I want to upgrade to the iPhone 5SE and I am just worried that only 18 apps in the library will be backed up.



Submitted by JeffB on Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hi if they don't all back up for some reason you can view all the apps you downloaded by going into the app store on your phone and going to the purchessed tab. I hope this helps. For further help concidder making a separate topic. This app sounds neat I'm gonna check it out!