ITunes 12 and NVDA help please?

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Okay I am not sure if I even have this in the right place. I have windows XP, and I am using ITunes 12 with NVDA. My question is, How do you get to the synching options? I kind of only want it to synch tones, and music. I do not want it to synch apps from my IPod touch. For the life of me I can not find this option anywhere. If anyone could help me I'd be thankful.



Submitted by MarkSARCH on Friday, December 19, 2014

Hi Cat
I'm writing step by step how to get those options and also mention it works for others screen reading.
^ Plug the iOS device.
^open iTunes manually or maybe it will open after plug the iOS device all depend how you set iTunes with iOS device.
^most of the time iTunes open on the Music section, {Music list}
^ to Navigate use Tab to move forward and Shift plus tab to move backward.
^ Use the commands mention above until reach iPod Touch button, and hit spacebar on it.
Note: do multiple times tab or shift tap until find the button.
^ press tab until reach treeview , you will pass the iOS name checked and more.
^ The treeview comes to be sources menu on the previous iTunes version.
^under Treeview use up arrow to move the previous item or down to go next item.
^ the first item under the treeview hitting down arrow is
^ apps.
The order list could change according to your preferences settings what you want iTunes show under the sources menu or treeview.
^ NOTE: on the top of the list is summery
^ select one of the options from the list and move forward hitting just Tab key.
Per example select tones
press multiple times tab key until reach the check boxes
Sync tones??
this check box needs to be checked to allow sync itens from iTunes library.
^ Then will show another check boxes
^ Sync all
^ sync selecting this option means manually just selecting those itens that you like.
you need to checked one of those options hitting spacebar
^ and lasly move forward pressing tab many times until reach the Sync button.