Is it safe to charge an iPod nano with an iphone 5 wall charger?

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Hello all, yesterday I purchased a new iPod Nano 7th generation I think, I'm jumping up from the 4th generation which had the click wheel. This latest Nano I brought is touch-screen bass and of course has Voiceover built into it. In any case, it comes with the lighting USB Cable if that should shed some clarity on the generation I've brought.

So the question is:
I already own an iPhone 5 which comes with the same cable. However, I was wondering would the wall charger of the 5 be compatible and more importantly, safe to use to charge my newly iPod Nano?

I am thinking of buying an iPod Nano charger but if it is the same as the 5, and if that wall charger was to work with the Nano, well there's little point in buying the same charger if I already have it.

Of course, if it isn't advisable to do this, then I'll just go out and purchase the Nano charger which I think is around £15 here in the UK.
Just so you know as well, I didn't buy it from an Apple shop but brought it from Argos here in the UK. If that makes any difference.

I look forward to your advise with this situation.




Submitted by dvdmth on Thursday, June 26, 2014

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As long as the type of connector used is the same, the adapter you already have should work.