Is it possible to rip the audio from a DVD to then play on an iPhone?

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Hi. Is it possible to import pre-recorded DVD's into my iTunes library? and if at all possible without having to use the iTunes web site which I find annoyingly hard work.

I was hoping that there may be a program I could download that would rip the DVD onto my PC and then I could save it in cloud storage such as Dropbox, to then be accessed by another app such as Voice Dream Reader. I use CDex to rip my audio book CD's in this way, but it doesn't seem to work, or I don't know how to do it for DVD's.

I have several that whilst I can't see the picture, I can listen to the audio track as if I were listening to a play on the radio.

So if anyone knows of a way that I could achieve this, with or without downloading other programs and apps, I'd be very happy to hear.

Many thanks. Debbie



Submitted by Dan on Friday, September 8, 2017

Hi Debbie, first, are you using a mac or windows. I can't help much with mac, but if you are using a windows pc, there is a really good program called dvd audio extractor. It is pretty accessible. With this program you can even rip the extra features found on dvd's to audio like mp3. You get a thirty day trail period then you have to buy the program to contiue using it if you want. After you rip the dvd file to audio you can then use cdex to convdert them to mp3 and play the files on your iPhone. even better, you can just rip the dvd files to mp3 straight from the dvd audio extractor program. To avoid using the stupid iTunes, you can use a program called waltr 2, and waltr is the correct spelling of the program. The waltr 2 is available for mac and windows, but waltr 2 will put your mp3, m4a fiels into youriPhone music app for you. If you need or want help just let me know.

Submitted by Toonhead on Friday, September 8, 2017

If you're using Windows, DVD Audio Extractor is quite definitely able to do everything you want. iTunes isn't only a website, it's an actual piece of software, and I don't like it very much, but then again this is from the Windows side of things. But yes, just have DVD audio extractor rip your dvd contents into mp3, and you can put the mp3s into dropbox. That'll do it!

Thanks for replying so quicly.

I'm using Windows 8 and have Windows Media Player & Windows Media Classic. I've attempted to work out how to rip the DVD from the Windows Media Player but have to say it's not very screen reader friendly (well, not for me!). I use JAWS.

I tried searching Windows help before getting back to you, but got no results. So, could you talk me through the steps to rip the DVD to MP3? Your suggestion sounded so easy and exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm not a total beginner, just not very good with either of the Windows Media facilities.

HTH Debbie

Hi Dan.

Many thanks for your reply. I have Windows 8 and use JAWS. I've been looking for this DVD Extractor within the Windows Media Player and getting nowhere!

I'll look for the Extractor program and give it a try. If I get stuck, would you mind if I got back to you?


Submitted by Toonhead on Friday, September 8, 2017

Hi. Ok, the first thing you need to do is completely forget about using Windows media in any way shape or form, it's not going to help you and as you've seen, only causes frustration. Like we've mentioned before, there's a program called DVD Audio Extractor, and you can get it from the below link. <A HREF="">DVD Audio Extractor website</a>. Download and install the program and you can use it free for 30 days. To use it, put a dvd in your drive that you want converted. Then run DVD Audio Extractor and you'll be presented with the different titles available on the dvd. they'll be labeled as title 1, title 2, title 3, etc. Most times, title 1 which is the first one will be selected for ripping. So to choose which titles you want converted, just arrow up and down in the list and press the space bar on all the ones you want to be ripped. JAWS will tell you if they're checked or unchecked so this is a good thing. So go ahead and do that, and then find the next button and press the space bar. The next screen determines your format, and usually, mp3 is selected by default, so that should be ok. If you want to get fancy you can but mp3 works, so just make sure that's selected. All the other options are ok at their defaults, so hit that next button again. Next, you'll be asked where you want to save your outputted mp3s. you can choose the location where the program will place them or you can hit the browse button and find a folder yourself. So once you do that, click the next button once again and you'll be ready, so just press the space bar on the start button and your dvd will rip. it should take some time so just walk away for a while and check on it in a bit. Most dvd's I've seen take anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how much is on each disc. That should be enough to get you going, though.

Submitted by Debbie on Friday, September 8, 2017

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Before your latest message came through, I was having a go just hitting on next without changing anything and then moving my file to Dropbox and trying to get the app I use to play all my audio books to do the same with this. But it didn't work.

I've now started again, having checked what I'm doing against your advice and see that I didn't have it set to MP3. I've changed that, but wondered if you knew what M3U meant? I unticked it just in case as it said it was a playlist. Never heard of that format unless its a shortened way of saying MP3 playlist.

Anyhow, whilst I've been typing this, I am pleased to report that my test DVD has ripped, I've moved it to Dropbox and got my app to play it back. So a perfect result!

Many thanks for your help. Sorry to sound like a numb nut! Think I'm just very tired after a busy day at work.


Submitted by Debbie on Monday, September 11, 2017

Following all the great help and suggestions, I have downloaded a trial version of DVD Audio Extractor and have found it very good, so long as I only want to rip one DVD.

I'm experiencing a problem if I try to rip another DVD immediately after ripping the first one. Despite entering on restart, refresh and even exiting the program and deleting all previously ripped files from my documents and then opening up the DVD program again to try and rip another DVD, it simply doesn't. Instead I just get a duplicate of the first DVD I ripped. The only way I can rip another DVD is to totally shutdown my PC and restart.

I am using Windows 8 and running JAWS as my speech program. Has anyone else experienced this problem and if so, how did you sort it?

Look forward to any hints or help.



Submitted by Toonhead on Monday, September 11, 2017

Hi. It sounds to me like all your files are going into the same folder. when you rip multiple dvd's, it's a good idea to change the output folder. you know in the process where it asks you where you want to store your mp3s? at that point, you can choose a different folder for each disc in the set. the way I do this is to mark them by disc number. so lets say I have a 3 disc set of an entire series. I know the first disc I rip is going to be disc 1. so when I rip that first disc, I make sure that all the mp3s go into the folder I have for the series called disc 1. so when i'm done with that disc, I create another folder for disc 2 and another folder for disc 3 and so on. That way, i'll have a folder for each disc in the set and i'll know what's what. I hope that makes sense!

It sounds so obvious now you've said that! I'm not trying to dismiss your suggestion, but how or why could it happen even when I had deleted everything relating to disc 1 from my documents before restarting to rip disc 2?

Anyhow, I'll certainly give your method a try. If it works for you, it must be operator error at my end!!

Thank you.