iPhone 6S + battery charges slowly

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Hi. I'm just wondering, for those of you who have an iPhone 6 s or 6 s+ do you experience a slow battery charge? I use my iPad charger to charge the battery, and it charges a little faster, but it still takes ten years to get to 100%. The iPhone is only four months old and I've taken very good care of it. Maybe the batter is vary large? My 6 s+ is very heavy.



Submitted by Anthony on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Yes you are correct iPhone 6s battery charging why is just charge slower than the regular 6S or six phone because it does have a bigger battery and that's probably why I meant 6S plus

Submitted by Justin on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Hi. My 6s plus charges quite quick for it's size. I think it takes roughly 2 hours or so to charge from a fully drained phone to around 100%. I use a battery case to do most of that and it gets the jobe done.

Submitted by tunmi13 on Sunday, March 20, 2016

1. Turn on Airplane Mode. This will allow your battery to charge faster and save more battery life.
2. Turn your phone completely off, then plug it in.
3. Close all apps and turn Background App Refresh. These are one of the things that kill your battery.
4. Turn WiFi off when not in use, also turn off for hotspot as well if you have one.
5. If you are not using your bluetooth device or you just don't use bluetooth but leave it on, turn it off when not in use.
6. Turn some of your apps that require Notifications off. Pick the ones you don't really want to get notified by.