Iphone 4s vs 5

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Hello all. I have looked all around the forums for information on whether or not it is worth upgrading to a 5 from a 4s. I know the 5 is a bit faster and such. What are the pros and cons to doing this? If any? I ask because I am able to upgrade now. thanks for any help.



Submitted by Ricardo on Friday, December 28, 2012

Hello, Honestly, the only con is financial. The 5 has a bigger screen, is faster, has LTE 4G, has more RAM, and is lighter. Its just a better phone. Not by much mind you, and some might prefer the all glass design of the 4S. But, there is no real negative in owning an iPhone 5 over an iPhone 4S in my opinion. Its all pros except for having to pay for it. lol

Hi As the previous comment I will he honest First of all let me say that I was using the iPhone 4S around 10months and actually I have the iPhone 5. Well if you see the specs and compare both devices You will not see allot difference Both has the same camera 8MP I5processor vs i6processor 3. 5inches vs 4inches the size screen Both comes with Siri install The biggest difference comes to be 4G LTE it's other world on data speed As Ricardo said value for the new device. Personally I love both devices but I prefer the 5 for faster, timer and lighter. On your case if you don't have unlimited data data plan sach 1 or 3Gb I suggest to you keep the 4S However if you have unlimited data plan and you can get LTE is your decision you will not desapointed.