iPad air on budget

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Allow me to start this post by offering him apology. I meant to get this information online sooner, I just ran out of time. I have been wanting an iPad for quite some time now, I was just suffering from sticker shock. Apple does provide a great product, but it is pricey. Earlier this week, I received a coupon via email offering an additional 10% savings on all qualifying products at Best Buy. It was applicable to open box and clearance items and did not expressly exclude tablets. I quickly located an iPad air 32 gig in store open box item at a nearby Best Buy. Typically, Best Buy will discount open box Apple products by $50. So, if you were able to reduce the price by another 10%, it added up to a substantial savings. I had no problems getting the store clerk to include the extra 10% savings. So, when you add the price reduction the coupon and a $50 gift card which I received from Christmas, I walked out of the store with a 32 gig iPad air for about $20 less than a brand-new iPad 16 gig. I realize that some people do not wish to buy open box items especially when it comes to electronics, but in the past, I have purchased open box Apple products and have experienced no issues with them. you still are given the same one year warranty, and are able to buy the additional protection plans as with a brand-new item. So, if you are willing, you can buy an open box iPad had a substantial savings please note that this is not a formal recommendation for Best Buy, it just happens to be where this coupon is being offered. You can find the coupon on their website and unfortunately it does expire today good luck and happy shopping.