iOS VS. android, pros and cons of each

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Hi all,
As someone who was once on iOs for most things and is now largely using android, I just thought I'd post a list of things I like about each platform to hopefully provide some interesting disgussion.
Why I switched to android:
I switched, largely because of the lack of a headphone jack in newer iPhones. I enjoy using battery cases, and listening to music on the bus. Unfortunately, at the time at least, charging and listening at the same time was not possible. I switched to a samsung galaxy s8, and still enjoy the experience very much. I love the fact that I can fiddle with so many different things, and customize the phone far more to my use case than I can on iOS, especially by adding extra memmory. I have not had any trouble using the s8 for what I need it to do, and find some of the accessibility comparable if not superior to iOS.
That being said however, iOS is far superior in one key area, entertainment.
There are far fewer accessible games on the android platform. It is a bit more complicated to get audio description activated on netflix, and when movies are downloaded from netflix audio description unfortunately does not come with them. The sync feature of the media server I use, plex, does not work at all with the phone. The combination of these two things makes it rather difficult to watch movies on planes, which was incredibly annoying to unexpectedly learn on a flight.
For these reasons, I still possess my iPhone, and do not plan to get rid of it for as long as it'll last.
I apologize for my lack of skill at writing, but I just figured I'd post this here to get other peoples opinions on the topic, as I enjoy hearing other peoples thoughts. I plan to post this to inclusive android as well, to hopefully get more of a combined point of view from the two sites.



Submitted by molly on Sunday, February 18, 2018

i switched to Android because i got tired of the lack of customization on iOS i like having the ability to make my device look and sound the way i want from installing a different home screen to using a different text to speech engine. plus Android has way better AI compared to iOS. Google Assistant is in my opinion way better than Siri. and in terms of accessibility, i find TalkBack to be much more intuitive than VoiceOver. For example, when you want to read character by character with TalkBack you just swipe up or down to change the navigation setting, then swipe left or right to hear the next or previous character. same gestures when navigating webpages. with one finger. whereas with VoiceOver you have to twist your fingers as if you were turning a doorknob. definitely have to agrree with you on Android not having many accessible games compared to iOS. Android is sorely lacking in that department. .