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Hi all, I'm not here to stir up any religious war, just my thoughts and opinions on a few things. I have an iPHone 4S, iPad 2, Macbook Pro and a braille note apex with sendero GPS software loaded onto it. I'm finding that I'm using my apex more and more to write papers, read books from school and also for leasure. I'm using my Mac for twitter, e-mail, surfing the web, Skype, and messaging with friends and family. The iPad is mainly used for watching netflix, looking out for DM's on twitter, radio, reading PDF's for certain classes etc. My iPhone is used for a phone most of the time. With all this technology at my disposal it's hard to keep it all straight and to figure out what I need to take with me for studying. Since the Mac can't do heavy word processing like creating headings, different font styles etc without running word or Pages which is partly accessible I do a lot of that kind of stuff on my apex. I'm looking at android as my next phone os because out of the 52 apps I have installed on my phone I only use about 5 to 6 of them a day. GPS for me isn't an option on my iPhone because of concerns I have with battery drainage, data usage, and having a small device that you have to flick to find something isn't as fast as a hotkey with the sendero software. I came from a time where using a windows mobile phone was awesome and cool. The only things I did on that phone were text and call maybe e-mail once in a while. Looking to where I am now with my iPHone that's all I do with it anyways. plus the Apple os is getting a little long in the tooth for me personally. Braille is essential for me even though I can read large print I use braille because it's faster and I'm more accurate when reading and writing. So, hooking up a IOS device to a braille display I like and do a lot. I find that carrying a phone and a note taker with me and having it hooked up to the phone is ridiculous. For one it wastes battery, two why have them together when a note taker will do all of what a phone can in regards to gps faster and more effective ways. As I said before even with a braille display hooked up to your iPhone you still have to find what you want and scrolling is not as fast as a hotkey is. Your opinions may differ and that's fine and dandy. I want healthy discussion but, remember that what works for me and what I like are relevant. One more point before I go, as I've said before IOS is fantastic in regards to accessibility. But, you don't get choice in the matter when it comes to customizing your device. Now you may like that and it's fine however, I'm fed up with the limitations and double tapping to find things is a little annoying at times. I want to test android for accessibility and personal use. Being locked down with a tablet like the iPad is fine and I don't really mind that especially with the large touch screen I feel that double tapping and explore by touch are great and the accessibility of IOS 6 will be better improved. I for one can't wait to see what's new in terms of VO on my iPad. I just don't like that you have to keep Apple's rules when it comes to your phone. You bought the device it should be yours to customize anyway you want. Android is good at this and accessibility is catching up with IOS. Remember competition is good for companies and without it the world of tech would be boring. Thanks for reading, Aaron STN editor and producer



Submitted by Ed Worrell on Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello, I am not understanding what your problem is, if you want to mess up an IOS device Apple isn't stoping you.Just Jailbreak your phone and get over it. There are plenty of help guides to do this. From anything I have used as far as Android accessibility goes I would not waste the time, I have used the "lack" of screen reader on my sisters clunky at best Samsung running ICS, I feel that it is worthless to us, Apple has made the best option to the blind community, not sure why everyone hates Apple's approach to the way everything is done. I have JailBroken my iPhone 4 and I didn't see the point, my phone would always lock up and crash on me. Not fun... Just my thoughts

First of all I'm not posting hate mail you clearly didn't read my post all of the way. The reason I don't jailbreak my iPhone is because I don't want it to become sluggish and slow down after time. I also feel just like rooting with android that the iPhone may become corrupt and get a virus, it can happen and has happened to people who jailbreak their IOS devices. Secondly I said that what works for you won't work for everybody else these are just my thoughts and opinions and ideas. Google has made a good attempt on accessibility and continues too. Apple and Google push each other to their limits when it comes to accessibility and that's a good thing for consumers. You don't have to agree with me but I think ICS and IOS in regards to accessibility are good options for blind and VI people alike. Choice is good and people are free to choose

First of all I did read your whole message. You didn't say anything about jail breaking, just that you should have the freedom to what you want to do with your device. I agree, with you in that aspect, but Apple isn't stopping you from jail breaking, either. It isn't the best solution for all, it didn't work for me either.JMO

Ok, the best solution is some early or at the end of this year the national braille press will release the new notetaker. It is called braille to go. It is a android phone and it can be a notetaker.

Submitted by Signaltonoise on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I don't need another solution. What i am working with is fine. All I am saying is that why hate android and say yes to apple when a lot of us haven't. Even tried the new version of android? I for one would like to try it. As I said in my post I dont need my phone to be a tri-corder.

Hello Guys, It is true if most on the people on this block we are users of apple devices and everybody knows that are accessibles why not admited that android is doing a exelent job about accessible devices, I am the only people on my family that I have an iPhone they have androids and others platforms, and I can use the androids too. . Over all us winning. check out the fallowing videos and think about it?

Submitted by Eileen on Saturday, September 22, 2012

Most of us don't have the funding to support any choice we like. Also when I was in the process of geting state assistance for equipment the person in charge of recommending equipment didn't believe in buying the expensive note takers. Since he had personally spent his own money on a pac mate that was currently serving as a 5 pound paper weight on his kitchen counter, I could appreciate his point of view. For most folks the question is "how much money do ,i have to spend?" ,i am seeing more and more braille displays listed on the Blind Bargains classifieds. However, most of those units are usb only and do not support bluetooth.