I Phone 4S performance after IOS 7

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Hello All, I just wanted to know how you feel your I Phone 4s is performing, for those that are using the 4s,after installing IOS 7? Do you find it sluggish or lagging all over the place? Only in certain apps, or performing certain tasks? If any of you have an I Phone 5s, are you experiencing any of this behavior on your new device with voice over? Let me hear your experiences. I am on the fence about IOS 7 and or upgrading the the 5s. Thank you. -Andrew-



Submitted by Bo on Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Yeah, I've noticed it's sluggish also. Enabling reduce motion seems to have helped a bit, but I find the best cure is to close unused apps regularly. Some things use more cycles than others. Maybe try disabling background updating also.

Submitted by Raul on Thursday, October 3, 2013

I updated my device and I haven't experienced any issues, except for the Voiceover bugs already existing. The apps take some more time to open due to the animations and so on, but it is not more than a second and a half. I wonder why are there so many different behaviours between identical iDevices. Maybe people keep many apps in background, I always close them when I finish using them. If you haven't updated yet I suggest you waiting a bit more and see if Apple fix these bugs.

Submitted by blindgator on Thursday, October 3, 2013

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Here is what I have noticed on the 4S, hopefully there will be an improvement soon. I have noticed that apps take a bit longer to open, and while this is something you can get used to it is a little frustrating if you are used to doing things fairly quickly. I have noticed that Siri when dictating into a text field is really sluggish at times. I am assuming this is a server overload, but on IOS 6 most of the time as soon as you were done dictating it would appear immediately. Some times it can take about 5 to 10 seconds to appear. Also the two finger double tap to pause and restart audio doesn't work half the time. Resetting the Iphone seems to fix this for a bit. I have also noticed that the playback controls for audio in the lock screen do not work with Downcast or Bard mobile. These could be all issues that I am only having as I have noticed issues on IOS 7 seem to be more to individual Iphones rather than to everyone. If you are someone who doesn't need to get something as soon as it comes out than I would suggest waiting to update. While the handwriting is a nice feature and if you are a big music person than Itunes radio would be useful, but if you aren't I would suggest waiting. If you do update don't worry I am sure you will be up and running with it shortly and you will just have to accept the bugs that are specific to your iPhone. Overall, I think IOS 7 was released with to many bugs.