I just want to tell you about me forgetting my apple nano doing laundry!!! true story!

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Hello and thank you for the help you are given me, I was so blown away in a positive way that I decided right a way to give a small donation each month. Now, really I don't believe it myself. A few days ago I came back from the town with a friend of mine in his truck and as I got home I decided to do a load of laundry, and guess what? I forgot my ipod nanno gen 6 was attach to my shirt. so, when I got all the load to put in the dryer, I touched my ipod in the washing machine!!! I was sure it was over and I was preparing myself to try to put it on e bay for part, I have notice that some people do this, just for the part I guess, but I try it with a set of head phone, the voice over was working but of course it would do anything when I try to do any tap tap. I told myself, why don't I try for the fun of it to put it back to factory setting... so I start the process with my pc and it kind of look good because everything seem to at least work as it would just the same as nothing has happen. After, I decided for the fun of it just to put 2 albums in my library and do a sink, so good so far, but I did not want to celebrate to fast. and I was just so surprise to see that it was still working like a bran new idem, now, I am not suggesting that any one try it for the fun of it but you know what? long long time ago, I had purchase and forgive me for my spelling, I bought a ipod shaffel, I had done the same thing and when I try it after the wash, I could listen to the music that was on it already right? but I could not do anything else, and this is about, wow about maybe 8 years ago, I still had it somewhere in my bedroom, so I found it, first I charge the ipod and again I did the thing when you choose to reset it to the factory setting right? and my goodness, I didn't believe it but again it played just like a bran new one, I know it is not believable but I am ready to put my hand on the Bible and say it is the real story. the guy I rent a room could not believe it and he listen to them and navigate through all the menu and it works, so if it ever happen to you before to decide to trash it or something as an idem that don't work, give it a chance, I am not saying it will work for sure because I am not ready to try this just for doing a test but in my case the 2 ipod when to a load of wash cold water, I always wash with cold water, I don't know if it does matter but the 2 ipod works like a charms, I just thought to mention it in case if it happen to anyone, before to decide anything reset it to factory setting see if it will work again , it did in my case. and thanks everyone on this site, I have learn so much, this is a great place to learn all kind of good info, again, do not do this on purpose, but only if like me you have a accident ok? thank you very much



Submitted by Gerardo on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Any suggestions for an IPhone 3GS that while charging plugged in, it got rained on? I'm about to throw it away, but am kind of hessitant to do this since I feel sentimentally attached to it! thus if it somehow can be restored, that'd be a definite miracle! I put it in rice for five days, but no good. Thanks for any other ideas/suggestions, or should I throw it away and forget it will ever get used again?

Submitted by david s on Sunday, December 13, 2015


I’ve heard from friends who forgot their iPhone was in their pocket and it ended up in the washer. Another said it even went through a dryer. The common thing was to put the device in a Ziploc bag with some rice. Uncooked rice that is. After a few days, it should be dry enough that it will work. If it’s really wet, you can go to a hearing aid shop and purchase a disposable hearing aid dryer. It’s a circular pad that removes moister really well. Use this instead of rice.

HTH and good luck.

I did not realize that it happen to other people, I felt pretty dum, my wet laundry had been in the machine for maybe one hour and I kind of freaked out, just put the ipod on my pc desk, not knowing what I was going to do and when I woke up I thought to reset it and I was nicely surprise to have the thing working, but now that I am with you guys and girls I will learn so much, so I was not that special hey? big smile!!! I was telling my daughter that I am learning so much stuff that I sometime don't know what to try first!!!!! and the sad part is that I have use my ipod touch gen four until a year ago just as a very expensive ipod, now I do e mail with it, but it was a bit late because most of the new apps don't work with it but a good friend got me this mini ipad 2 retna and I have got a member ship with apple music and match, I feel like I did a big jump in the future. well thanks again for this place.