I am just beet, with the upgrade or update process

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wow!!! It is the first time that I have something let's say not good to say about apple that give me the dream of my life, to be able to navigate a machine that I can see the name of everything and for this I say big thank you to apple for all the products and the concept of a screen reader that do what it need to do for each product as in window screen reader for window that let's be honest, and I am not bitching, it must be hard to go at the speed of the changes of the net every time you turn around, though I bet the one that use a mac don't have this problem, so far I am not rich enough to pay anything new as far as pc or mac is concern. I live in the country and my only choice is sattelite and xplornet in the day time slow down any kind of itunes download, so it is ok to get a bpook or a album but and I never know if the right word is update or upgrate but you know what I mean. so I started at 3 in the night, I have the touch gen six and I was still on 9 dot something. no problem to do the thing but when my pc told me it was done with success, when I took the touch, bang!!! back to the screen that say hello and all the language except English, what I mean, it is there, but why is this that just to find the English, it is so hard, last time I got lucky I got the french one and since I speak french I told myself do it in french and changer later but no luck this time I could have kill no joke, it took me a good 30 minutes just for this, so this is one thing that apple should fix why we don't ear English first when you touch the screen, never mine the spelling put english first, it come across that apple is more worry to be nice to every one else but apple I thought is a U.S. product. now God!!!! you know for the password, I mean I took 1 four time, tell me a easyer one right? later I choose no password anyway, I have so many nanno when I go out that my ipad and the touch don't go out of the house right. but never the less when it ask you for your phone number and the password remember 1 four time, you can not make a mistake, but never the less it kept wrong code, I could have cry, at going on 61 in december, my nerv are not solid as when I ws young, I must have spend another our with this, I gave up, push the back buttun twice and I have notice skip the step. at last when I had the choice to push sitting I went with no password, oh yes, forgive me my biggest beef is the agree or not agree, excuse me please, I am a lay back kind of guys but thuis one kills me with passion, 26 pages before getting to agree, now you tell me you bought I ws going to sware, but look apple if someone purchas
the touch, I would be curious to know how many ever say don't agree and return the machine. My commun sens tell me no one, it is brutal just brutal, tell you what? if someone is so concern, fine let them read the 26 pages, but for most of us, why not put on top a agree and don't agree buttun on top, as I said if someone is so concern, he will read the 26 pages but if someone is purchasing his third touch, in my case my second one, give me the choice to agree right a way, b because what happen is that most people try to find a way not to listen 26 page, so the final thing that happen is that I and many of my friend don't bother and with the 3 finger up you go page one , 2, 3 and so on. I have my new ipad well let me tell you I will platy with the touch and if it is not worth it it will stay at 9 dot 2 or 3/ the last time it was not so brutal but this one just killed me, please a lot of bright people with apple don't make the process so brutal and I am very sorry if I am not suppose to post something like this but it is call just tALK, BUT I insist, a big thank you for the work you do for us the blind men and women, you have change our life for the better. thanks



Submitted by Siobhan on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ok, you were all over the place, I think you dictated most of that. Anyway there is a much easier way to find the agree button. Touch toward the bottom right of the screen, near thehome button or edge of a case, it is usually there. I don't blame you for being sick of reading all of that, but you can bypass, or skip, that. second, when you're taking about starting to set it up, it doesn't matter what you click on, even if it sounds different. every apple product at least here in the untied states starts pseaking english when you click slide to set up. Next time, if you do this, I recomend you have sighted help, because obviously you are frustrated somewhat easily. Or else, don't even upgrade, update, pick your word, just stay with what you have. Nottrying to sound harsh, just saying no one is forcing the udpate, you choose to if you want. I hope your next experience is much better.

Submitted by Justin on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Agree with Siobhan on that. Either just click on slide to set up even if it is in another language or get seeing assistance. This has been going on for ever with iOS products, it's not a big issue, it's just how it is during the beginning of the update process.

Submitted by kevinchao89 on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

1. Get started can be double-tapped regardless of what language it speaks--this isn't a language picker
2. Agree is at bottom-right or 4-finger-tap bottom-half > double-tap

Submitted by Toonhead on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Remember, English is not his native language, so the translation is less than perfect but I get the gist of what he's saying. Actually, there's a really cool way to solve the problem of the languages. When you first unlock your phone after the upgrade process, it's going to say hello, in whatever your native language might be. So, simply swipe to the right once, and it should say slide to set up, or something similar. That way you can avoid all the other languages being displayed on the screen. if you missed the English hello, simply lock your phone and then unlock it again and give it another shot. The voices do scrole by kind of quickly so you have to have a bit of fast reflexes but it can be done. We have 5 iDevices here and this method has worked on all of them.

Submitted by kevinchao89 on Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"hello" can be spoken in *any* non-English language, but "slide to setup" continues to work in English. I don't think I've ever timed it so that it says "Hello" in English before tapping "setup".

Submitted by captain batman on Saturday, October 8, 2016

Yes, you are right about the agree or not agtree, but I guess that just tpo pass the very first one, the screen, I was so... better not sware, big smile!!! just joking, so, for the agree or not I am with you, and really I knew that, I could not thk straight when I got there, but I have messed up with my e mail and it is really to the apple teem that I wanted to responde, I am guessing that you are blind too, but AI would suspect that just for the fact that you are in the apple teem, and I know this is just a guess, but I would think that with mac or anything apple and I mean this as a compliment, positif, you are very good with those product, if I may say, maybe better than a regular guy like me. but I could not help having a smile when you said the thing about the hello,, when you are done with upgrating and a guy like me think that it is over and what do I ear first when I touch the screen is some kind of hello, I am not great but not totaly dum, so I do the gester with the finger you know to the right tpo ear what is next, I ear all the planet language but English, the only thing I ear in English is more info buttun. and some how I know it id not what I want and it is thre same thing every timne, so aloud me to some how that just maybe, well, what are you suppose to say, you are more less the voice of apple, when I answer the phone 20 years for the fed in canada, there was a lot of stuff that I didn't agree with the employer, but really what was I suppose to do tell the client that you are right and the fed is the blank blank, I would have lost my job, and I am in a good mood don't get me wrong, but it is what it is., even my nabor that can see, she didn't take hours to pass that screen but she did sware a few time, just like me she could see all kind of language but not the English, so I told her, I thought I was dum, she told me, for a joke, maybe now you understand the English Canadien, when they go to a groceriy store and the wall of cereale are all , all you see first is french, is it suppose to be a joke? and as soon you pass that one screen, yes I am with sorry I forget the name about the agree and not agree, I knew that, I was just beet, so for my mini ipad, I will ask my nabor, she works with computer all day, she is good she does the complete thing in less than five minute, but she did tell me it is crazy, and like I said, the one time I got lucking the continue thing that you are talking about, I gfound the french one and I thought as soon it is done I will put it back in English. it is no big deal, I didn't mean to make a big deal, I did say that apple have change my life for the better and I tell everyone to go apple, but oit o not just apple it is the same thing with everything, just one exemple, I went to jasper on vacation more like lake Louise anyway you pay a fortune in your own country and all the annoncement were in Chinese or japanese first and English after, I guess money talk. so will let it go I love apple, and I could go on with the staff that answer the phone but I better not, keep smiling your product are great.