how to transfor notepad and doc files pc to iphone via itune

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hellow friends i want to transfor my class notes these r in notepad and doc format pleas tell me how can i transfor via ITune



Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

How you considered using Dropbox? If you have a Dropbox account on your PC and the Dropbox app on your iPhone, then pretty much anything that's put into the account on your PC shows up on your phone. Personally I'd recommend the Voice Dream Reader app which integrates nicely with Dropbox and has a great range of voices. You can't edit text with this app however, it's only for listening. The above method avoids the use of iTunes, which personally I've never liked anyway.

dear i could not instal because dropbox just install in ios 7 but i have ios 6.1

Submitted by yorkshire-drew on Tuesday, March 25, 2014

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Although I haven't tried Phone Drive myself, I understand it has a document viewer within it. It works on older versions of iOS and there's an AppleVIS article about it see Again this wouldn't need iTunes, which has to be a good thing.