How can you tell if your keyboard is fully charged or charging?

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How can blind people tell that your keyboard is charging or fully charged? I have a cheap keyboard that has a light when it's charging and fully charged. The light goes dim when it's fully charged.



Submitted by Pyro2790 on Friday, December 18, 2015

You would be able to tell if the keyboard is charging with a device such as a light probe. You can download an app for IOS that is a light probe. You have to do a search in the app store for Light Detector.

When you install the app it will make a high pitch noise when it detects light. If you know where the light that indicates if the keyboard is charging then you would hold the camera of your phone up to the indicator light on the keyboard. If you hear a high pitch beep the light is probably still on and charging. If its been a couple of hours and you put the camera up to the light and it makes no noise then this would indicate to you that it is fully charged. This is not the most convenient way to detect if it is charging but nevertheless its a way that works.