How can I record podcast with my iPhone?

hello What es the best App to record podcast ?


#1 Some Recording Apps Available From The App Store

To record podcasts on your phone it's quite easy. All you need to do is find some apps that will let you record things in the background.
Try this list to get started:
SimpleMic (Accessible), Recorder DX2 (Accessible), Voice Notes (90% Accessible, but not quite, but it can still be usable).

#2 More coming through the door!

Here are more recording apps:
Audio Memos (Accessible), Voice Changer Plus (Accessible), AudioShare (Accessible), DropVox (Accessible).

#3 Hey

Thank you !

#4 response to coment

use dropvox myself never eard of audio memos

#5 Hello

Ok thanks for your help!