How are you coping in the post Google Reader era?

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Now that we're finally in the post Google Reader era, I would be very interested in hearing what people have chosen as their alternative. For me, it's currently the Newsify iOS app linked to a Feedly account. The app is extremely accessible and easy to use, and so far the Feedly service appears to be handling the feeds just as well as Google ever did. So, all said, the transition from Google Reader has been barely noticeable so far. Perhaps that might change if Feedly decide to go to a paid service! But, for now, I'm not sure what more I would want. It's been a long time since I last used RSS on my desktop, but I would be curious to know if anybody has found a workable solution for keeping feeds synchronised across iOS and OS X via apps rather than web interfaces. I would also be interested in hearing people's experiences of the various alternatives to Feedly, such as Fever, Feedbin, The Old Reader, Bazqux Reader, g2reader and so on.



There was a short period when lire was my default RSS reader, but I have to admit that I got fed up with it freezing my iPhone for what seemed like minutes every time that it was refreshing feeds. I also like the peace of mind of knowing that using a service such as Feedly should mean that I don't miss any stories, something that's possible with lire if you have high volume feeds or don't refresh them regularly.

Submitted by vallim on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tried Nnewsify but could not figure out how to order my subscriptions and thus gave up in the end. I have too many 200 at last count, only around 60 of these I read daily and others if I have time and not being able to order them or split them into folders makes it difficult to manage with efficiency. Haven't really looked at it recently, perhaps these issues have been resolved since. Would be good to hear if these minor annoyances have been addressed.

Submitted by charadani on Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Well, everybody's been talking here about iOS but not about the Mac. I used to have Newsrack on my Macbook pro but it just worked either with google reader or with your feeds stored locally. But now it's been discontinued. Has anybody tried Qfeed? Does Viena still work as an accessible solution on the Mac? Somebody told me about that Viena app but I haven't tried it so far. Best regards.

Hello, everyone. Does anyone have opinions on which server account to use with Feeddlr or Feeddler Pro? For the time being, at least, I have ruled out The Old Reader because of its infrequent updates of my favorite feeds. As you may know, The Old Reader is going through quite a growth spurt, and update may increase in frequency over time. BazQux seems fast as do InoReader and FeedHQ. I like the clean Web interface of FeedHQ, but when it comes to deciding which account to stick with on my iPhone 5, I'm still debating. All thoughts are welcome. Craig

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Saturday, August 17, 2013

I myself use vienna. I dunno if there is an ios app but I never used google anything just vienna for rss reading. It just rocks. and is very easy and light weight.

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