home button on iPhone 4 doesn't always respond

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Hi all, I haven't had my iPhone for a year yet, although later this month I will have had it for a year. I have been recently noticing that my home button isn't responding all the time. Some times it works great and I have no problems whatsoever. Other times though, I have to press it four or five times before it will work. I tried recalibrating it several times, but that doesn't seem to help much. I don't have a warranty on it so sending it back to apple for repair isn't really an option unless they don't charge very much. I have also heard that when you send them in for repair they send you back a different device, but the same model. Is there another way I can fix this or at least something I can try so I can avoid sending it to Apple? It's not all that bad, it's something I can live with unless it would eventually get to the point where my home button would stop working all together. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much, Holly



Submitted by Walei on Monday, May 14, 2012

I have the same issue and others have told me the same thing. I also get the opposite problem. Sometimes when I press the home button once, it brings up the app switcher or turns off voiceover. It's really annoying that the only button on the phone doesn't work properly. I say if you're still under warranty send it to apple and get a new one.

Holly, If you have tried the Home Calibration and Restarting of your device and still have a Home button issue. I think you may have a bummed Home button that is starting to go out. At this time I do not have any suggestion for you to offer. I know some people have mentioned of having Home button issues but I'll be honest I can't tell you if that is IOS 5.11 related problem or not. What I do know is that the Home button is usually the first thing on a device to go. Least that is what I've heard from Apple. I have always advise people to buy those silicon covers that actually cover up those Home buttons. Not those hard cover or silicon that leaves that Home button exposed and not covered. Dirt, Grime, Body Oil, Hand Lotion, and many other things can shorten the Home button life on a device. I hope somebody else has an alternative solution for you and it isn't a Home button going out on you! So good luck!