help tweaking apps in flex2

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I am very disappointed with flex2. The description said you could tweak apps with no background knowledge of programing. I was thinking this would be a good thing for me, because I don't know the first thing about programing and developing, but I like customizing things. I got flex2 and opened it up and tried to tweak an app. Nothing made sense to me. Nothing was in plain english. It all looked like you had to be a programer to use it and I thought that the description was misleading when it said you did not have to be a programer. Anyhow, enough ranting from me. Let's get to the questions. Is there anyone out there who can try to explain to me how to tweak apps? The first thing I want to start with is the shazam app. It has a new feature where it auto tags songs. I like that, but it does not stay on, which I do not like. I want to use flex2 to remove or make longer the time that auto tag stays on. If anyone knows how to do this and can upload it to the cloud for me that would be ok, but I would rather just learn how to tweak my own apps so I do not need to ask people to make tweaks for me. Also, can someone maybe do a podcast on how to tweak apps in flex2? Thank you.