Help on scanning QR codes

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I post this here since I'm not referring to any particular app, but to the way of using them.
I tried several QR scanners and I found that I'm not able to place the camera correctly to get them read. Even if I know where the code is I can't manage it.
I would like to hear tips from totally blind users on how to place the device so it can catch the code.




Submitted by Siobhan on Friday, May 16, 2014

Hi. You need to hold the camera at least six inches away from what you want to scan. Think of that as the width of your hand. I'm still not fantastic myself but getting better at it. Keep trying is my suggestion especially with codes you know. If you're using digit-eyes they sonar beep so if you hear that, try moving a bit left, a bit right. It's all in practice. Good luck.

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