Help, iTunes has become completely inaccessible with NVDA on Windows after updating to the newest version

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Hello people!
I'm having an issue with a new ITunes. Today, when I lounched ITunes on my PC, it asked for installing an update. Without any extrathinking I confirmed the installation process. Then I restarted my PC, and guess what?! ITunis went totally silent! I press Alt, I press arrows up and down - no response.
On my labtop I have the latest NVDA and Windows 10. Only yesterday everything was OK! Oops, it's time to begin singing "Yesterday, when my troubles seemed so far away..."

Should I downgrade for an older, previous version of ITunes? or wait for a new NVDA?
thank you in advance for any comments!
Have a gorgeous day!



Submitted by Clare Page on Friday, September 14, 2018

Hi! This problem with iTunes 12.9 has already been pointed out to the NVDA developers, and today they released the third release candidate for NVDA 2018.3, which has solved the problem by making iTunes 12.9 readable with NVDA: I don't usually download release candidates of NVDA, but i did this time, as I had had the same problem with iTunes 12.9 on Windows 7. If you would rather wait for the full version of NVDA, it probably won't be long till that is released, but, in the meantime, NVDA 2018.3 RC3 will make iTunes usable with NVDA again.