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Hi, I'm new to this sight. I'm going to recommend an app, but I need help with 2 things. Firstly, how do you put in a description of an app properly? I notice that descriptions are the same as on the AppStore, is there a way to like export the descriptions for the app from the AppStore, or do you just have to remember them and write them down? Similarly, how do you insert the link to the app? I'm using an iPhone by the way. Wood really opriciate some help on this. Thankyou xxx



Submitted by AppleVis on Thursday, July 31, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hello Michael and welcome to AppleVis (smile)

It’s great to hear that you have some app reviews to share with us.

The easiest way to add the description is to find the app in the App Store on your iPhone, swipe through the page until VoiceOver focus reaches the description. Allow VoiceOver to read the full text of the description, then tap 4 times on the screen with 3 fingers. This gesture copies the last read text to the clipboard, from where you will be able to paste it into the relevant text area when submitting the app to this site.

As for the link … when viewing the app page in the App Store, double-tap on the ‘Share’ button. From the list of options that you are given, you can either select message or email. The draft message will contact the link, so again you can just copy and paste if from here. Once done, simply delete the draft.

Hope this helps!

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