Dropbox videos not uploading successfully on iPhone or computer

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Hello, I recently registered for Dropbox because I wanted to send some photos and videos to family. The photos and videos were taken on my iPhone 4s, so I thought I could upload them without encountering many issues. Although this turned out to be true for the photos, the videos presented a different difficulty altogether: Each time I upload a video or the folder with the pictures and videos, it appears to be uploading, but the process keeps repeating itself. I might have three seconds left before it finishes, and those seconds pass by with seemingly no interruptions. However, the increase in minutes becomes apparent and continues to loop afterward. I've tried to upload the video files with the app, but the same situation occurs. The app, though, tells me that it "failed." In short, the pictures are uploading without problems, but the videos aren't uploading at all. I have about two gigs of space, and the videos are a little over 400 megabytes each. There are only three of them, so I don't believe that it's the amount of space I'm given on my account. In fact, I've attempted to delete the photos and upload only one video in my public folder, but the same problem keeps surfacing. Could it be the .mov file type that's stopping the upload process from working properly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.