Disadvantages and advantages of jailbreaking from the blind prospective

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Hi to all of you blind jailbreakers, I was wondering how great is it to have a jailbroken iDevice? I've been thinking about jailbreaking my iPhone for a while now, but still haven't done it yett. therefore,today, I decided to search more thoroughly about the good and bad stuffs about it. I must say, in my opinion, There are more good stuffs about it, which have made me excited doing it so. However, I still have some hold-backs of doing it, such as can jailbreaking my iPhone be done without any sighted assistance? and iff the Cyndia's apps mostly accessible with Voice over, or there are only few of them. That's why I want to hear from the Voice Over point of view if it is really worth it and exciting, or it is really beneficial only for the sighted people. To all of you blind Jailbreakers, Please! please! please! enlighten me in regards with this matter. I would appreciate every comment I could get before doing it.



Submitted by Sean Terry on Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hi, as far as how to jail break your iDevice the easiest. You will need to go to: www.jailbreakme.com on your iDevice in safari. Be sure to put the www in as well. I did this when I had my iPhone 4 and it worked flawlessly. I do hope the same thing works for you my friend. Take care and be sure to reply back wether or not it works. I am sure it will though.

Submitted by Shersey on Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I had an issue with something causing iBooks to crash periodically and frequently, and I don't know what caused it, so I had to go back to stock firmware. This was probably something I did wrong, though, not the fault of an app or tweek I installed. Who knows? but as soon as i hear of an untethered jailbreak from redsn0w, I'm going to jailbreak iOS 5. There's still some things it doesn't do that I would really appreciate. A few apps/tweeks I got: Stay Opened: A tweek that makes the app store stay open, so you can keep getting things without having to reopen it from the home screen each time an app begins to download. A few soundboards SpringBoard Settings (I think you may have to search for SB Settings in Cydia): A neat piece of awesome that lets you turn on/off things like wireless, bluetooth, and airplane mode by opening up an interface with a jesture or button sequence you set. The toggles are then right there, ready for you to change. Winterboard: A fun theme manager type thing. It'll let you install things like the Alex UI Sounds and other things--there's an entry for it on AppleVis. Pkg Backup: I didn't install this myself, but it lets you back up all your Cydia packages (apps). Actually, I'm not sure if it backs up the packages themselves or just settings and what-not. Either way, it's something worth looking into. I'm not sure, but I think there may be an entry for it on this site. I hope you found this of some use. There are plenty of good reasons to jailbreak, some more technical than others--but either way, it's good to know what's out there. by the way, I'm sure I could have resolved the iBooks issue, but I didn't feel like hunting down the problem and fixing it, as I was trying to keep up with a class at the time, and didn't want to deal with the issue directly--so I reinstalled stock firmware. At the time, I was running iOS 4.something at the mement, so the issue may have been fixed since then. Good luck with your research.

Submitted by Simone Dal Maso on Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello, only to say that now cydia is not so inaccessible like months ago. Perhaps it is not the maximum in terms of speed, but things are really better now.

Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi, worth saying that the jailbreakme.com site mentioned will only work on iOS4.3.3, no higher no lower. So, for everyone now it will pretty much be useless. Also worth noting Apple actually hired the guy who worked on said site, so I wouldn't expect a lot of updates on it.

Submitted by Florian on Monday, November 28, 2011

Hi, Yes, jailbreaking can be done without sighted assistance, as long as you use redsn0w for your jailbreaking needs. Cydia is completely accessible, and a lot of its apps work with VO, sort of like with the appStore. Most of it works but the odd one out likes to be difficult. Keep in mind that you will be doing a tethered jailbreak, meaning you will need a pc running redsn0w, or a mac running redsn0w, to reboot your phone or turn it back on when it has been turned off. You can partly get around this limitation by downloading a package from Cydia called SemiTether, which allows you to boot your phone normally except for the fact that mail, safari, cydia and jb apps will not work until you boot with redsn0w again.

Submitted by Sarah on Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hi all! So my friend called me tonight and said he finally got his phone jailbroken and that he was running Siri. I told him you have to have a 4s to get the auth files but he says you don't, and that siri is working. I was thinking about jailbreaking my phohne, and he is supposed to email me the info. His bro told him to tell me he used Red Snow. But, his brother that did it for him is sighted. So, I am wondering how to do this from a blind perspective, because I don't want to start something and realize he did something that blind people couldn't do. I am not sure if he is doing it the same way that a blind person would. Also, is anyone actually running Siri on a jailbroken IPhone? and, is it legal? I don't really want to screw up my phone, although there's always restore. Also what other apps are good for blind users and is Cydia now accessible. Will also be looking at the apple vis directory for jailbreak apps. Thanks for all the help!

Submitted by Florian on Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ok, here we go. Haven't been on here for a while. As my good friend Super Mario would say: HEEEERE WE GOO! Redsn0w is, to my knowledge, the only jailbreak solution out there that is currently completely accessible. The others like sn0wbreeze and greenpois0n require you to tap an icon on your phone after the exploit has been run to download Cydia, and these downloaders are often not accessible. Redsn0w installs Cydia already during the jb process and it is an accessible application. Cydia is also completely accessible and has been for a while now after I poked @chpwn about it last year ...now I think about it it might even have been earlier then that. Siri can be run on older devices using the Spire cydia tweak, but you need access to someone's Siri proxy server to do this. Recently a lot of 4s keys , required for these proxies, have apparently been blacked out so Apple may be catching on to this trick and it may not be up for much longer. I guess it is kind of a grey area when it comes to legality. Technically speaking you are not doing anything wrong, the proxy owner is. But there's no legislation about this, just like hackers who couldn't be procecuted in the 80s because there was no law governing their behavior. Cydia apps are like iOS apps when it comes to accessibily, some work, some don't. It's always a guess. Often it just works though. HTH

Hi! Thanks for replying. My friend just got siri to install, and I googled and I found a way to do it without having a proxy. So I am going to try that. I did use redsnow lastnight, but my phone wouldn't jailbreak. It took forever for me to get it to go into DFU, and once it did nothing happened and I restarted my phone, I'm assuming I didn't give it time to install, and my phone wouldn't do anything so I had to do a restore. Going to try again, and hopefully it'll work this time. Thanks for the help and imput.

Okay, so if the proxies are being blacked out, then, does Siri just all of a sudden stop working? Or just new people can't use it? Hope i'm making sense.