dilemma with jailbreaking iPhone 6 iOS 8.4, help please

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I no longer have my windows pc and also don't know how to use a virtual machine or bootcamp. So ever since the windows jb for iOS 8.4 came out I have been waiting for a Mac version. When one finally came I ditched iOS 8.1.2 and restored to iOS 8.4. Then I restored from my iCloud backup and attempted to jailbreak. It failed so I rebooted my Mac and phone and tried again. Still no go. ITunes was closed and xcode is not even installed. I also tried the phone in and out of airplane mode. I have always restored from iCloud then jailbroaken because after jailbreak there is no restore from iCloud option. I do not restore from iTunes backups as I have found for me that iCloud backs up everything and iTunes does not even though all the checkboxes for what to backup are checked. I have also spent hrs putting apps into folders and do not wish to do that all again. Just as a test, i restored to iOS 8.4 and this time set the phone up as a new phone and tried the jailbreak again. This time it worked, but i had none of my apps or folder layout. After that, I restored to iOS 8.4, then restored from my iCloud backup, but as soon as it was done restoring the settings and I was able to access the device again, I put it in airplane mode again and tried the jailbreak again. It still did not work. I took the device out of airplane mode and let it finish restoring. The restore went good, but the phone is still stuck in jail. Every time I try the jailbreak, it stops at 30 percent and says jailbreak failed. Someone please help me get out of jail without losing my data. Thank you.