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Hello all, I just upgraded to the new IOS7. Overall I like its new features, but with any new upgrade there are new jestures that change. My question to you all is this: How do you delete an email message using the roter option? I tried the actions option, but it won't work. Thanks



Submitted by Callum on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Can you describe what happens when you try the rotor option? It works fine for me

Submitted by Camilo Glas on Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Hello, Here is what happens. I open up my email app, then proceed to an email. Once I have found the email I swipe down with one finger and it keeps saying archive. I hit the more options, but it doesn't bring up a delete option.

Hello, I may have the solution for your problem I imagine you have a GMail account, so, there is a setting to adjust. The fact is one: we thought to delete messages when moving them in the rotor, but, we kept archiving them without even noticing! Undesired or unneeded messages, since we used iOS, are all stored in "all messages" folder! This setting I am going to describe, was unable to be changed till iOS7, at least using voiceover. For solving this problem permanently, proceed as follows: 1. close mail app, and open settings 2. flick till mail, contacts and calendar settings then double-tap 3. look for your account, let's assume it's called "GMail", double-tap on it 4. flick right till you hear: account, your name, at, GMail, dot, com, button. double-tap on it 5. flick right, till you hear, advanced button. Skip all edit fields name, mail, password, smtp, and so on. Double-tap on advanced button. 6. a new window will show up, flick right till you hear: move deleted messages in, heading. I do not know the exact english words for this title, as mine is an Italian-speaking phone. so, I attempt to explain by the way. 7. flick right once more and you should hear, deleted messages folder. or something similar. double-tap on it! Then you can double-check flicking right and left, if "deleted messages folder" is indicated by voiceover as selected. 8. now go back. Just scrub, or double-tap on the back button placed on the left top corner. 9. save current settings pressing the Done button which appears on the top right corner of the phone. 10. that's all! From now on, when you check your mail and find whatever you don't want or need, just flick up, and you should hear trash, or delete. problem solved once and permanently. Please follow this procedure in whichever iDevice you have, this is not a globally saved setting. PS as I know this is a hidden problem and many people wonder why they do not manage to delete mails, I'll paste this procedure into a single post, as a guide, available for all applevis users, as there's the risk in this forum topic it can be lost Hope it helps