Considering an iPhone, but have some questions

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I'm currently a Talks user, and like all aspects of it, but am interested in learning about Voiceover and iPhones.

My first question, is speech from VoiceOver supported while on an active call? For example, caller id, reading/sending a text, surfing the web, etc? I heard that it was.

Secondly, would I have to use a headset to use the phone, or does the screen lock itself while on a call, or would I be pressing things with my cheek, like speaker phone, etc.

And thirdly, how accessible are the gps apps? Will they read out street names as you are traveling by car, or walking? Can you plug in a route, and get VoiceOver to read the directions back?

Thanks, Shane.



Submitted by Ken Ewing on Thursday, October 6, 2011

1. Speech is supported during a call. 2. You won't need to use a headset because it has a sensor that deactivates the screen when held to your ear. If you take the iPhone away from your ear during a call the screen becomes active again and the speaker phone is enabled. 3. It depends on which GPS app you use on whether it is accessible. The one that is pre -loaded is accessible. I used to use Talks and was very disappointed when I upgraded from my Nokia 6600 Talks 3.x to the N86 Talks 5. I was not happy with the price and found that Talks was no better now than when I first purchased it in 2003. I asked around and found that people who are blind are very excited to tell you about their experience with the iPhone, whereas, blind people that use an Android usually reply with "It's usable". I've had my iPhone since January and am very satisfied with my decision. I think you'll be much happier with an iPhone also.

Thanks for getting back to me Ken. I have a few more questions for you. So, I heard that if you get a incoming call while on a call yourself, that Voiceover will read it to you, through the ear piece on the phone. But how would I be able to hear who's calling in, or answer a text, if the screen is locked? And when it becomes active, wouldn't people be able to hear what VO was saying on the speaker phone? So is it best that I use a headset? If so, what kind? Also, I read where Vo doesn't announce caller id while the phones in silent mode. Is that true? And how would I be able to get around that. Thanks, Shane.

Submitted by angela on Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have ai phone 5 and it works great with voice over when you making a phone call you can still open your apps and surf on the internet or take notes or use any of the other apps but if you do not want the person you are talking to to hear what you are doing you need to use a ear pices I have only had my phone a couple of months but it has helped me a lot there are a lot ofgood apps that can help you tell what color you are wear and also to tell you if you have a 5 dollar bill or more the gps also is great onces you find a good app to work use with your phone