censor and water

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hello guys my iPhone was in a small bag which unfortunately fell in a swimming pool 6 days ago now It works well but the problem is the censor which controls the speaker volume when placing a call or "raise to speak" when calling Siri when placing a call, the speaker doesn't work regularly and I couldn't turn off the call. besides, when using Siri, sometimes Its voice gets into the upper sound which is controlled by the censor what should I do now? and is there a test to examine the censor or prepare it? or there is other problem? thanks Ahmed



Submitted by Michael Hansen on Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Member of the AppleVis Editorial Team

Hi Ahmed, It sounds like your device has some water damage. While you could try putting the phone in a bag of rice for a day or so, it sounds to me like the problem is internal and probably not easily fixable. If rice doesn't work, your best solution is probably to take your phone to an Apple Store or to your carrier and see about paying for a replacement.