cannot buy any apps, including free apps, from either mac or ios app stores. am I the only one experiencing this?

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Hey all, For some reason, I can't purchace any apps, weather free or paid, from either the ios or mac app store. Just yesterday I was able to do this without any problems. is anyone else having this issue? If so, are there any theories as to what could be causing it? My payment info is all as it should be, and I don't give out any of my card details to anyone, lest I be killed and skinned by a very angry alien creature. :) Thanks, Joseph



Submitted by rdfreak on Thursday, November 28, 2013

I don't know, as I didn't try downloading any apps yesterday, but could it be temporarily down? I haven't heard of this before but surely it's possible, perhaps.

hmm. it could be. although you'd think apple would at least send out a notification email or something saying "hey guys, the app store will be down for a bit. we'll let you know when it doesn't break things", or something.

Submitted by Joseph on Monday, December 2, 2013

weee! finally got the app thing sorted. I just got a giftcard and entered the code. thank god it wasn't my credit card.