burning audio books on CD with iTunes problem?

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Okay, is anyone else having a problem downloading audio books from iTunes suddenly? I downloaded a couple about 2 days ago and burnt them to CD and all went fine, but today I didn't get the message about spreading the book over multiple CD's and it just started burning the book. When, it finished 1 CD, it stopped like it was completely done, but only the first part of a book was on the CD and I can't seem to get iTunes to recognize that the audio book has to be put on more than 1 CD in order to get the entire book. Anyone have any ideas on this? Yes, I did call apple and they're researching it as they don't seem to know what the problem is either. I get my audio books from Audible, download to iTunes and then burn on CD, but in 2 days I haven't made any changes to any settings and now it isn't working right.


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