Bug transfering files with iTunes 12.2

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It's my first post on Applevis forum. I'm a French canadian user. It's possible that I include terms that are not entirely correct in my description. Please be indulgent!

I try to transfer files on my iPhone 5s using iTunes 12.2. Whenn I go to the App Screen for the iPhone, I cannot acces the arborescence of the apps that permit file transfer as Pages or Voice Dream. I can find the heading of the section of teh App screen which precedes the arborescence. When I try to go down the screen I find another heading that indicates that I can select apps to install on my iPhone, just before the usages of the space available on the iPhone.
Anybody has encountered this problem? I submitted it to Apple yesterday. I Have not found another post on this subject on Applevis.

In the App screen in ITunes, a very detailed and confusing list of the apps installed, deleted or bought appears. This list is sorted by type but yo can choose others sort argument. This list was not there before version 12.2. To acces the file transfer heading, I must go all the way at the bottom of the App screen and go back (Shift+Tab) until I find the proper heading. In the process, as I said, I did not find the file transfer App arborescence.

To transfer files to Voicedream I used an email with the file attached. It's not ideal...

Thanks for your help.

I'm using iTunes 12.2 on a PC with Jaws 16. I have used this configuration to transfer files with Voice Dream, last week, before installing iTunes 12.2. I use Windows 7 on my computer.

I would like very much to confirm if it's a true accessibility bug or if it's my usage that is incorrect. icons to