Big problem in iTunes 11 for Windows when syncing audiobooks to my 5th gen iPod Touch

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I've run across problems twice now when syncing audiobooks. I have iTunes set up for manual sync. So I connected my iPod, clicked the books radio button, made sure that iTunes was set up to sync all audiobooks, and clicked the sync button. Not only did it sync all audio books, but it tried to re-sync my entire 50 GB music library! After a fiew minutes, I got a notification on my iPod that over 6000 items failed to sync, and when I checked in iTunes, I found that all but 8 GB of my music library was deleted from my iPod! Now I'm having to re-sync my entire music library which could take over an hour. The last time something like this happened, I was able to re-sync my music library by selecting the music radio button and clicking the sync button, but I shouldn't have to do this every time I sync my audiobooks. Please help!


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