Backing up with icloud, please help.

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Hi to all. Please, I would like to ask you for help how to backup with icloud. I want to backup iphone contacts only and nothing more. Is it possible? Could you please give me step-by-step instruction how to backup contacts and how to restore them from the backup? Thank you in advance for your help.



Submitted by Bahzad on Monday, July 30, 2012

In order to back up contacts to iCloud, please do the following: 1. Double tap settings, then double tap iCloud. 2. You will see a list of items that you can keep within iCloud's server, among them contacts. I believe that by default, the feature is off, therefore you need to double tap it to turn it on. 3. Perhaps this might not be necessary, but I charge my iPhone for about twenty or so seconds after I enable the contacts feature. Even though you might not need to plug in your phone, I would wait twenty or thirty seconds for the contacts to back up to iCloud. 4. Afterward, unplug the device and double tap the same button to turn contacts off. You will receive an alert-like message asking if you would like to have your contacts on your iPhone. Double tap "keep on my iPhone," and you should be okay. Please note that you may receive duplicate contacts, but they're easy to remove: Navigate to contacts, double tap on the name of the contact, then tap the delete button. Once you confirm the deletion, flick until you move to a button that will allow you to remove the contact completely.