assistant extentions freezing

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Hi, Just was having some trouble with assistant extentions. It seems to freeze Siri and constantly tick at me when I do anything with toggles, and the dev doesn't seem to be very responsive. Is there anything I can try?



Submitted by Sean Terry on Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hi, I am having the same problem. I am using the Iphone 4-S. Anytime I want to turn on/off wi-fi, or bluetooth, It just keeps clicking at me and I end up having to hit the home button to get out of it. I hope there is a work around for this.

How are you finding SB settings? Have you tried using it. You can make it so the toggles for bluetooth, yFi etc show up in the notification centre which may be faster than using Siri. I've not played with it much but the only problem is that voiceover won't tell me the current status i.e.e whether bluetooth is on. I've just tried it now and I'm clicking on it and it's making the sound to say the button is being pressed but nothing seems to be happening when it comes to turning bluetooth on or off. It would be useful to have this feature accessible.