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Hello Apple Vis,
I have some questions i was looking to get some advice or suggestions on.
i've been working on creating some websites. I have been taking things a step at a time. I know how to write HTML, but I"m still new. So I wouldn't qualify myself a veteran in HTML. I currently use as it is more managing. my Current web host is Dream host and I have Shared Hosting. I am wanting to upgrade to something such as Dream Compute which is cloud hosting. my only issue Is I'd need to install all of the programs onto my server, because the server is unmanaged. I have ideas for more websites. so I'm looking for something that can last me for a bit. They support again said I would need to install an SSH client to manage the command line.
Any suggestions on what software works best, or if I should switch to a different web host would greatly be appreciated.



Submitted by kevinchao89 on Saturday, January 14, 2017

If you are looking for a VoiceOver accessible command line tool, Terminal is built-in mac and usable.

Submitted by Chuck Winstead on Saturday, January 14, 2017

Are there any lessons on podcasts you could pass along to show me how ot use it and any information for using it online as a web development command line? Dream Host offers a server that is bear bones, and I would need to install all of the software. They said I would need to use a SSH or Secure Shell client. Which i am assuming is the same thigns as a command line.

Submitted by Jeff on Saturday, January 14, 2017

I'm the founder (but not the current owner) of UltraHost.US web hosting, so I do have some experience, although I used Windows and Linux, never iOS. I can tell you that managing a server is considerably more involved than simply developing HTML websites. You'll have a tremendous amount to learn, least of all are the iOS tools you'll need to use. SSH and FTP will be the main tools you'll need beyond your HTML development tools.

To be honest, if your main purpose is to develop websites, I'd strongly suggest you stick with WordPress. It's a good platform for developing websites and simplifies many tasks. Although folks here can help you find accessible SSH and FTP tools, this is not the forum for discussing server administration. To find SSH and FTP apps for iOS, I'd suggest using the site search. Good luck.

Submitted by Chuck Winstead on Saturday, January 14, 2017

I do not think that there are any web tools for iOS. I have seen things such as your code editors, and the WordPress app. Not any FTP Clients to my knowledge I know about computers, but I'm not computer master by any means. I've had a class that delved into the protocols like FTP/File Transfer Protocol, PTP/pure to pure, and those sorts of things. We also delved a little in to databases, but I know my basics. I do use WordPress and shared hosting, but to my knowledge the shared hosting is not the best when your website sees higher traffic. Which isn't a bad thing now, but when my site starts to grow. That is when it can become an issue. so I've just been looking for some suggestions on what to do. I currently use a mac, but i do have a Windows machine as well.

Submitted by Piotr Machacz on Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Mac already has an SSH client which can be accessed by opening terminal and entering SSH <address-of-your-remote-computer>. Just keep in mind that, like what the dreamHost people told you, this will be a lot of work that will require knowledge of Linux, working in the command line and especially setting up a web server like Apache and won't be as simple as clicking create new website, then logging into a web UI with Safari. Personally I would suggest that you just focus on what you have now, and consider upgrading to a VPS if you start running into limitations of your current Dream Host setup.

Submitted by AbleTec on Sunday, January 15, 2017

Chuck, I also own a hosting company (Brighter Vision Technologies), & I can tell you that unless & until you learn some Linux administration, what you're gonna have is a total disaster. You have absolutely no idea how many sites I've had to fix because some hosting company told the person they needed a virtual server, & that person didn't have sufficient technical expertise to manage it. It's sad & it's devastating, really, not only for the site owner, but also for those whose computers got infected by malware on that particular website. Please--if you're gonna do that--& I actually recommend you do--then get a box that can run Linux, install a webserver, get some books on Linux administration--or better yet take some courses--& learn that way w/the server not quite so exposed to the world. You might wanna run it off a different network than you have your computer as well, so if in case the server became compromised, it wouldn't hurt your important data.

I commend your wanting to learn but please--for the dear Lord's sake, don't do it the way you're thinking about.