Are blind people eligible for the Apple upgrade program in the UK?

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hi all,has anybody in the uk taken up the apple upgrade program to get an iphone 7, or 7 plus?The t and cs do not state if blind people are accepted given that we may be on benifits or not in employment, so was wondering, has any uk individual as assume differing rules in the us, know of, or has themselves, been accepted for the scheme, and been able to walk out of the store with a new iphone 7? i have just come across this program, and am keen to pursue it. i have been told i'd be accepted for a mobile phone contract with a phone here in the uk, so assume i could get the scheme.

Thanks Will



Submitted by Dalia on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but are you really asking whether blindness might be a reason on its own to be disqualified for this program? If so, of course not. If you meet all of the other terms and conditions, then you would qualify. But, before going down that path, you should sit down with a calculator and work out the exact cost to you over the lifetime of the contract. From what I have read, there are very few scenarios where this program is the most cost effective option.

Submitted by Will on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

hello, i meant, as i do not work owing to my disability, would this exclude me since i cannot see any indication as to employment as a level of income being required, to be accepted.