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Hi guys,

So I'm using my 3 month free trial of Apple Music and just downloaded an album from it, by making it available offline and downloading the tracks onto my Mac. When I went to sync them to my iPod Nano, which is what I keep most of my music on rather than my iPhone, it came up that songs from Apple Music can't be synced to an iPod.

Now I'm not saying Apple Music is pointless, but I'm sure many people still use an iPod Nano, shuffle or classic, and what this would basically mean is we'd be paying £9.99 per month for Apple Music, but still have to buy any song or album if we want to put it on a device that doesn't support Apple Music, which seems a bit strange to me. I would have thought that, with the way Apple intergrades all their products together, you'd be able to pay for Apple Music and then once you download something from it you could do what you like with it, including syncing it to other devices.

What are your thoughts on this just out of interest, or does anyone know why it's like this? Like I said, I'm not complaining, it just seems a bit of a rip off if you want to put music on an iPod which doesn't have the apple music features.




Submitted by Jeff on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It stands to reason that if you obtain the music through your Apple Music subscription then it would need to be played on a device that supports Apple Music.

Submitted by Doctor D on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Hello all, Does anyone out there know how to creat a playlist using apple music? I have several songs that are in my library using siri to add them. I'd love to be able to make a playlist of these songs. Thanks for any and all help

Submitted by Imani on Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The device needs to have Y Fi access. You don't actually own the music you download. Sorry your bubble was burst, it would of been nice.

Submitted by dvdmth on Sunday, July 19, 2015

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Apple does not currently allow syncing Apple Music to iPods for piracy reasons. There is no way an iPod can verify that an Apple Music subscription is still valid, so in theory someone can download a bunch of tracks, put them on an iPod, cancel their subscription, and listen to the songs forever as long as they don't connect the iPod to a computer.

There is some speculation that this might change in a future update to iPod firmware, but unless and until that happens, you cannot use Apple Music on any iPods, apart from the iPod Touch. If a firmware update does happen, it would most likely require periodic syncing to iTunes to reauthorize the Apple Music tracks, or else they would expire after a certain amount of time. At least that's how I would guess such a feature could be implemented.

As for creating a playlist of songs from Apple Music, once a song is added to your library, it behaves just like any other song you have in your music library, whether it was purchased from the iTunes Store or imported from a CD or other source. Thus, you can simply create a playlist and add the songs to that list the same way you would with other tracks. In iTunes, select the track you want to add to a playlist, bring up the shortcut menu, and select Add to Playlist. In iOS, navigate to the track, swipe up or down until you hear More, double-tap, then select Add to Playlist from the dialog.

Submitted by jack on Friday, July 24, 2015

This makes perfect sense. While the very same drm mechanism that was used pre2009 allowed syncing to the ipod, you owned the music you were syncing to, whereas Apple Music songs you own until your subscription has expired and unless your subscription is renewed, the files will expire. Admitedly, it would be nice, sense like I said in another topic on this matter that not everyone has an Apple mobile device, or indeed any Apple device and is using Apple Music on windows, that it would be nice to sync Apple Music tracks to some nonapple, authorizable devices. However this, again, unless it was fullproof to expire when it was supposed to, would be another piracy issue. On one hand, admitedly it's annoying to have to plug your computer into a car-dock just to listen to your downloaded tracks, it does make sense while they implemented this.