Apple is launching a podcast subscription service May 2021.

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Hello everybody,
This morning Apple held their spring 2021 event. One of the announcements was about Apple’s new podcast subscription service that they were going to be launching in May 2021.

I am an avid listener of podcasts, and I use different podcast apps to listen to them. I have found that Apple podcast app has been one of their poorest items for apps that they have. In terms of accessibility.
I am not thrilled about the prospect of doing Apple more money to listen to the podcasts that I currently enjoy on other platforms for free.
Having said that, I realize that my opinions may change. I like to support many of the podcast that I listen to. But that can get expensive overtime.If Apple is supporting the podcast community, and compensating the creators properly and not screwing them over, then I may consider a subscription. Are there any other podcast listeners out there that have any other opinions on this?
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Submitted by Patrick Smyth on Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I very much doubt Apple will be passing on profits to podcasters in general. What they're more likely to do is to offer big money to specific high-profile podcasters like Spotify does with peopl like Rogan and whoever else, and then make those podcasts exclusive to Apple. What worries me is that when they offer their own (highly anticompetitive) services, they tend to start a bloodbath and kick off a lot of apps in that area.

We really need some anti-trust regulation up in here, but don't hold your breath. Platforms allowed to compete on their own platforms is really bad for the consumer and stops people from making a living by offering products better than those created by the platform owner. Instead of many great podcast apps, we may wind up with two or three really junky ones by Apple, Spotify, and maybe one other group with enough clout to not get kicked off.