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hello all,

I corisponded with someone who wanted to know where internet recovery is on an iPhone SE. he assumed I could buy one as he sited US prices. I am on social assistance those cannot affored a phone and plan just to see it lose support five years later. I am also in canada, which meens the cheepest iphone se will be approx $200 more. heres my view on Apple, microsoft, google, and linux. take this statement as opinion, i'm not discurage anyone fron apple, this stagement is just my view of longterm technology use. I would like to spart this discussion, and if this post get's removed for just opinion, so be it.

I have access to windows, macOS, iOS, and android. Each I use for different purposes and will not abandon any of my devices. With Android, I will substantially modify it for my perposes through flashing various costume rims. With iOS, I will jailbrake, thus making things possible apple does not, and probably, will not allow. Jailbraking is akin to flashing, with the later being more costomizible. I will never run iPad OS 13 simply it is too expensive just to get a devices which will eventually lose support. Whatever features are in it, I simple do not care, as Jailbraking can give me most, if not all features found for free. You can put windows on Macs, however, money hungry apple will stop support my model eventually. I bought windows 10 pro for the purpose of replacing macOS with windows when it is time too Just because VoiceOver is free, does not make it a good screenreader. Other people disagree, and that’s fine, but the cost of a high-end Mac like mine was $4000, when I could=ve gotten a windows computer for much cheaper and tech support from the Microsoft disability answer desk for free and perpetual instead of buying AppleCare for $300 just to not be support as a beta tester. If I get sick of windows for this reason, I’ll use Linux, which if I learn some programming, is more costamizeable than even android. So, as my apple product age and ultimately lose support, Linux is more active everyday. Heck, I can even replace android with it, too. Internet recovery on the Mac side, is not accessible until the father factory image is downloadeddownloaded. I believe using Arch, which quenches my thirst for beta testing nicely, will be ultimately better than using anything else. than even android. Plus, if internet recov
I am glad this email is not on AppleVis since I’d probably get about of fan people. Maybe I’ll put it their sometime. And don’t get me started on the trackpad commander. It]s apple stretching themselves too thin and innovating where none is needed. So if you really want so apple advice, I’m not the one to provide, as tinkering far exceeds my coexistent wish for simpolsity.



Submitted by Dennis Westphal on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Well that was kind of interesting. Having used Linux myself as my main system for at least eight years the screenreader namely orca gets so slow and unresponsive at times when browsing the web that it's just no comparism neither with Windows nor Mac OS or even Android for that matter.

I personally would have loved to put Linux everywere and be good from there on but the truth is that it's simply way behind on accessibility which is a shame. Yes you can do certain things to improve your workflow. But having used it for several years and then installing Windows on the same machine felt like a journey into the future with about four times the speed for general tasks.
Customizing everything is cool but it isn't worth it if the stock iOS, Mac OS and Windows meanwhile are running circles around you. At the end you'd want to get stuff done quickly.

Submitted by Daniel Angus M… on Thursday, April 30, 2020

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I am glad that youhave the linux experience. the podcast I regularlt on it, is not Orca focused. I know linux is off-topic for this site, can you email me with some info on getting started with Orca? I'd be interested to hear more of your Linux musings,
my email is

Submitted by OldBear on Thursday, April 30, 2020

I have used Linux with Orca on the Mate and LXDE desktop environments for several years as my main operating system, and not had problems with it being too slow on the Web when using a reasonably powered computer, put it on an old, old computer and everything slowes down. I mainly use the Arch distro, but also Debian.

I use IOS on an iPhone. It limited my ability to make my phone and computers communicate directly except through Dropbox. I used to go through an old windows laptop with iTunes and iCloud to move files to memory sticks, but now IOS supports memory sticks and the like directly.

Submitted by Daniel Angus M… on Thursday, April 30, 2020

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so since you use arch and debian, which is better for accessibbiolity? which is a roaling release since that's what I want? I herd their is someone who maintains a talking arch iso years ago. is it still being maintaned? for reference, I'd be replacing both macos and bootcamp with linux. my mac is early 2015 macbook pro, whith an i7 processer 3.1ghz with 16gb ram. noing my specs, and how slow macos and windos are, will linux run fast on this machine?

Submitted by OldBear on Thursday, April 30, 2020

If you're talking about a Mac with 3.7 ghz, there shouldn't be anything slow about it. Use one of the lightweight desktops, not Gnome. You can run Linux on your Mac from a USB memory stick without installing it. I suggest you try this on your Mac without removing the OS for a time.
A typical Arch installation is much more... involved than Debian. Arch is rolling, but not Debian. Sometimes Arch breaks accessibility, but it is cutting edge. Either way you will need to do a lot of reading of manuals and learn Linux commands etc.

Submitted by Daniel Angus M… on Friday, May 1, 2020

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I usually learn best when framiler OS'S are perminently gone. braking accessiblity sounds awesome, as I love to report bugs. can you point me to Arch menuals?

Submitted by OldBear on Friday, May 1, 2020

It's your Mac.
Arch is extensively documented in the Arch wiki. Just do a Web search.

Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Friday, May 1, 2020

For those running Ubuntu Mate on your PC of choice:

, below is a link to an article detailing the many panel layouts you can switch to with in its environment, followed by a list of commands you can type/paste into the Mate terminal for easier switching between said panel layouts.…

The following Mate terminal commands do not require you to add the "sudo" prefix before it:

mate-panel --reset --layout familiar
mate-panel --reset --layout traditional
mate-panel --reset --layout contemporary
mate-panel --reset --layout redmond
mate-panel --reset --layout cupertino
mate-panel --reset --layout pantheon
mate-panel --reset --layout mutiny
mate-panel --reset --layout netbook

For a list of Ubuntu MATE keyboard shortcuts (which are Windows-Like), see

Now, this is an "apple centric" site after all, it's in the name! With that being said, Ubuntu Budgie:

, is the environment for yall who wish to stay with inside an Apple-like interface (without necessarily needing a Macintosh.)
Is the interface easier than the Mac one? It depends if you're willing to tap the Super/Windows key and either tap what ya want to open/do or find it via the arrow keys. For example, typing restart followed by enter, well... Restarts the PC (with no prompt to get in the way.)

Since the team behind Solus OS makes the Budgie desktop (which Ubuntu Budgie gets its name from), a list of keyboard shortcuts for said OS are found below:

Finally, to answer the Arch question, there are 4 Arch projects currently maintained which speak out of the box.
I listed them (in my view) from "easiest installation" to "hardest installation."
NB. If your a newbie to Linux (since thi sis arch after all, install at your own risk.

1. Stormux (created by Storm Dragon and others):

2. Jinux (Created by Daniel Nash):

3. Talking Arch (created by Kyle and others):

4. Tarch (created by -Deedra and Michael):

PS. I haven't delved into LXDE/QT distros much, thus I don't list them here.

Also, yall may wish to give the Linux Mint

series a shot (which hopefully the accessibility is better now as of its latest updates.)

Submitted by Daniel Angus M… on Friday, May 1, 2020

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upon reading through the Arch installation guoide, and the what to do before upgrading guide on the Arch wiki, arch sounds like it's for experienced linux users. does upuntu mate talk out of the box, or do I need sited help to install Orca?

Submitted by AppleVis on Friday, May 1, 2020

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This thread has strayed outside the scope of AppleVis, so please bring things back on topic or take the discussion to somewhere more appropriate.

Thank you for your understanding.

Submitted by Trenton Matthews on Friday, May 1, 2020

To answer the question about Ubuntu Mate speaking out of the box, simply press AltSuper-S after ya hear the jingle.

I would bring up the topic of using an iPhone on Linux sometime in the future on here (giving the example of using an iPhone with Ubuntu):…

, but just to be safe, see my profile on here and follow me via Twitter (if folks wish to continue the Linux discussion in depth.
(I mean, unless someone else brings it up in the future...)
I am surprised that more Linux discussions on Mac aren't a thing on here... It's all Windows Mac or iOS/iPad OS.

Alright, have a good day folks.