Adding a song to a playlist in iTunes 11

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trying to add a track to a playlist, but it adds the whole album instead of the track i want. anyone no of a fix?



Submitted by Elena Brescacin on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

hi! You were not so specific in explaining your procedure to add a song into a playlist I attempt to explain you, consider I am using a mac, but in windows the procedure may be similar. This is done with the latest iTunes11 version, the 11.0.3. 1. from the Music tab, select Songs you know what I mean, there is a sort of radio buttons. songs, artists, genres, playlist, radio, match... select Songs, it should be the first. 2. navigate to the column browser (if you do not have it, activate it by the view menu) From there, select the album where the song is contained in 3. navigate to music table with the specific screenreader commands, and select the song. with down arrow. 4. for mac users: interact with table, then press control + option + shift + m. for windows users, it may be just selecting the song with arrows and pressing shift+f10 or the right mouse click emulator. 5. you should have a menu opened, and from there you can select, add to playlist, go right with right arrow and then select with up and down arrows the desired playlist name and press enter An easier procedure should be: select the desired song or songs, then the copy command, control+c or command+c, depending on which system you have then navigating to the radio buttons selectiong playlist, selecting the desired playlist you want the song added too, then navigate in the list of songs and control -or command- plus v, to paste the track. In this case, sincerely I do not know how to reorder tracks in a playlist so i cannot help if someone sees the post and knows how to reorder tracks in the desired order, please write here! with mac, especially thanks