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Hello fellow jailbreakers, I have installed Activator on my jailbroken I Phone 5s. I when to set up an activator gesture, just like I had previously on my I Phone 4s, when I was using it jailbroken, and I noticed that the gesture doesn't work while voice over is running, but if I turn VO off, the activator gesture I set up works just fine. The gesture I had set up was a three finger pinch to simulate a single press of the home button. So, it is supposed to work like this: Say I have facebook open and I am done using the app. Instead of pressing the home button once to exit the app, I use a three finger pinch gesture on the screen surface and the app closes. When I have voiceover on and I try this, it doesn't work; but when I turn voice over off and try this again, whith my sighted wife watching, she tells me that the three finger pinch gesture does work and it closes the facebook app. Is anyone else experiencing anything like this; where certain gesture are not working but others are? I have two or three that I use that do not work; yet Others I have set up do work with voice over just fine. Any clues or advice anyone could give me, including operator error, would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know if any of you are experiencing the same. I checked my cydia sub-straight and it is the current version, .9.5000; so I do not believe this is part of the issue. Thank you in advance for your comments. -Andrew-



Submitted by Jeffry Miller on Friday, January 3, 2014

Andrew, and everyone, this is a beta version of activator so it did say there may be issues. I found on my IPod touch, fifth gen, using IOS 7, that now some of my apps such as mail and others don't open. So I believe it is a bug in the beta version of activator. They were opening fine yesterday, before I updated it. I believe they will have a fix soon.

Submitted by Robert A.M. on Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hi There. I experienced the exact same problem on my iPhone 5s, pinch, spread and slide gestures in Activator are not working with VoiceOver enabled. This is strange since they worked just fine on iOS 6. I recall reading somewhere that Apple changed some DirectTouch VoiceOver parameters on the new OS; contacting Ryan Petrich to see if he can do something about it might be a good idea. Meantime, I suggest instead using the Activator gestures that are working fine, like pressing the devices buttons/switches and single/double taps on the status bar. Note, with VoiceOver, the "single tap" gesture is triggered with a double tap, and the "double tap" gesture with a triple tap. Regards!

Submitted by Musicruz on Sunday, January 5, 2014

The bug that you are experiencing as far as not opening the mail app is not part of the Activator tweak issue. It is happening when you install tweaks which are related to piracy. You can even try to launch Safari or Calculator, and they are not going to open either. As far as the real Activator issue, I completely agree that the Activator sliding jestures used to work on the previous iOSs version. I actually tweet Mr. Ryan Petrich in regards with the issue, but I did not get any response from him. Who knows, He might have read it already and acknowledge it and just did not bother answering me backLOL! that dude is a very busy man. He's been updating all his tweaks since the release of the jailbreak for iOS 7, and on top of that, he is also making new tweaks for the New ,OS, isn't he crazy? However, Guys keep trying to report to him this issue. Perhaps, if he notice that there are lots of blind jailbreakers affected by the issue, he would put this issue as one of his top priority.

Submitted by Andrew on Sunday, January 5, 2014

In reply to by Jeffry Miller

Hey gentlemen, Thank you for the feedback, I am happy to know it just isn't my device and I'm not crazy. I posed this question in the updated tweak list for IOS 7 as well, so you can just ignore it. I did tweet Ryan about this. I also emailed him at maybe the two of you can do the same and let him know about it. I too, have not received a tweet back or a reply to my email, but I'm hoping this is fixed. I do not use touch ID and do not want to use it, so using that as a substitute is not an opinon for me. -Andrew-

Hi folks. I noticed the same thing. None of the slide-in gestures work either, though I think I had issues with some of them on iOS6 too. For now I'm sticking with the status bar gestures and physical buttons. I'll mail or tweet the developer too.

Submitted by Trevox on Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sorry I'm not sure if it's okay to bump old post but this topic can have a wide range of issues therefore I'm not opening a new post.
Anyways I've encountered a minor issue and that is when I set up a gesture/action it works fine but after certain events (not sure what specifically) it does not work and I have to go back in to activator to delete the action and then activate it back, only then will I be able to use it..
Weird, anyone know why or have encountered this issue? If there isn't a solution, I have a suggestion that I don't mind troubling myself to do, find a way to make a shortcut to that specific action so that I can turn it off and on again..

That action is Touch ID>Finger 1>Lock Device
Have to delete assigned action (lock device) and activate it back (lock device) only then I can use again before any error it encounters again.