Accessing Google Analytics on a mac

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For my work I need to be able to access statistics for our website, through Google Analytics. I hope this is an appropriate topic for the Apple vis site, seeing as I am primarily a Mac user and would like to access this service on my Mac.

Unfortunately, as with many Google products, I am finding the interface pretty much impossible to effectively access. it looks like some of the info is in improperly formatted tables, and I can't even click on some of the buttons and links.

I was wondering if any one in the Apple vis community has had experience with Google Analytics, if so, could you give me some suggestions? I know a number of people hear manage their own websites, including the Apple Vis team itself, of course, so is there something I'm missing about Google Analytics, the most popular service for accessing website statistics?

As I mentioned I am primarily a mac user, but I will be willing to use any platform, screen reader or browser alternative to access Google Analytics.

Thank you.