Accessible scheduling software for massage practice

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Hello all. I hope that I am posting in the right area. I am a massage therapist, preparing to open up my own massage therapy practice, and am in search oF an online scheduling software that is accessible with voiceover. I need it to be accessible for not only my clientele, but for myself as well, to be able to manage my business on my end of the software. I was wondering if there were any massage therapists on here who have any suggestions for me, and wondering what you all use for your online scheduling? Thank you all so much for your help.



Submitted by Derek on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

I am an assistive technology teacher and am curious if you ever found an IOS application that was accessible with Voice Over to keep track of your massage information? I need something that will keep track of client notes, appointments, and reminders. We tried to use the Massage Book application, but between the print being a pale color and the accessibility with Voice Over not reading the information it is not functual for someone to use with Voice Over. I appreciate any advice or guidance you have.