Accessible Forex trading platform?

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Hey all! I did not know where to post this, so i am posting it here.
Does anyone know of an accessible foreign exchange trading platform? I am very much interested in trading in currencies and commodities.
I tried it once with the help of my father, the platform was not accessible, so he did the buying and selling under my instructions, it was not fun! He ended up taking full control of my account because i was fed up!
I would love to do the trading on my own. So if anyone knows of any accessible forex platforms out there please do let me know. Or if anyone knows anybody that works in trading companies please ask.
Thanks all!



Submitted by techluver on Monday, December 28, 2015

I think you're looking for something where you can actually buy foreign currencies, right? I'm an econ major in college and I've heard of such things. Unfortunately, i don't know any that would work, but i know someone that might have an answer. when i see them next i'll ask. it's someone in my econ dept at university who might be able to give me a list of platforms that you could try.

Submitted by Travis Roth on Monday, December 28, 2015

Hello, I have not traded Forex so take this for what its worth... I noted that you also mentioned commodities in your post. This I have traded in the futures market. I use to trade these futures. Their main website is an HTML-based website and while not perfect it can be used fairly effectively. I have traded futures on things such as corn and cattle as well as the mini S&P. It is also a very good platform for options on futures, equities and indexes. They do also support Forex, however my account is not Forex approved so I am not sure if they use the same HTML platform for the Forex side of things. In my opinion though if there is one best case to try though it is probably OptionsXpress. If you do get a Forex account there I'd love to hear what you find. Also they have an iOS app, it is usable somewhat if you label buttons using VoiceOver's button labeler, but it is not the most fun. I prefer the website and a desktop browser. Let me know what you find, trading is also something I am interested in. Travis

Submitted by Zaina on Monday, December 28, 2015

Thanks so much, i have just checked out their website.
Unfortunately, their services don't include my country. I live in Bahrain, and only a few countries are listed there, Bahrain not included. So i wasn't able to create an account.

Submitted by Alan on Monday, December 28, 2015

Hi. You can try Plus500, you can trade comodities, forex and indexes, and it's prety accessible. Or, if you feel more pro, go search for a trading platform compatible with metatrader4 and connect to your account from the metatrader4 ios app.

Submitted by Alan on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

It's prety accessible, at least metatrader 4. I think mt5 has some problems, but fortunatelly mt4 is much more common. Obviously, don't expect full access to some chart features, like candlestick indicators...

Submitted by Zaina on Friday, January 1, 2016

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Thank you so much! Mt4 is very accessible! I started messing about with it, i need to learn how to use it properly before i do any actual trading, Thanks again,