Odd audio streaming issue

Hi, i'm facing an odd audio streaming issue which I only noticed about two hours ago, and I'm wondering if anyone else is facing the same.
I have an iPad Air running iOS 10.3.3.
Normally, when I stream online content such as a podcast, I can lock the iPad and it will keep playing in the background.
However, know when I lock the screen the audio stops playing after about five minutes, I can unlock the device and perform the magic tap to restart the audio and it will keep playing from where it left off but this is fairly annoying to do constantly.
The audio seems to pause at regular intervals, which is what makes me think that this is an iPad issue and not one with the Wi-Fi I am using.
Is anyone else having this problem?


#1 I've found a solution

The issue I mentioned in the above comment seems only to happen in the Google Chrome browser, when I stream audio on Safari, it works fine.
I would still like to hear from anyone who is facing this issue, or thoughts as to why this is happening in Google Chrome.

#2 Same issue with TuneIn Radio

Yes, I am facing the same issue with the TuneIn Radio app. as soon as I lock the screen the streaming stops i.e. music stops playing, earlier this was not an issue. Surprisingly this does not happen with the music app. on the phone. I have iPhone 5S with IOS 11.03 installed so I guess it's a bug to be reported to the apple accessibility team or maybe all users are facing such an issue

#3 Nice to know I'm not alone

I was just wondering whether performing the two finger magic tap gesture to restart The audio from where it left off works for you?
Also, when did you notice the issue?

#4 Fixed

Issue was noted after the update but now fixed had to uninstall and redownlowd the app from App Store