Notification Bugs

I have noticed some notification problems since installing IOS 11. Anybody else have found those. Here they are: The Podcast App icon does notappear with a count button when ther is a new podcast episode available. There was a count button on the app before IOS 11. AlsoI do not have a count number button on the Mail App when I receive new emails, since downloading IOS 11.1.2.

I have checked the Notification settings for those apps. They have not been changed and the count number is selected for both. Is there a way to restore the settings that I should Know or is it a bug? The problem with Mail is a bit more troublesome, since I cannot know if there is a new Mail. Voice Over indicates always that I have no new email. Before IOS 11.1.2, the count button was displayed after I opened the Mail App. In the Podcast App the count button is never updated. I can detect the count number in other apps such Facebook, Messenger or Google Maps. It seems a bug but I would to be sure before calling Apple.


No problem with mail app here

Using iOS 11.x.x I have always seen a number near the Mail icon that shows how many unread messages I have.


mail app


Whenever I tap on the email icon I get a number of unread messages. Here's something you could try. In ios 11, they introduced new settings for apps such as email to either fetch or push you your data. For example, I use Gmail, and they do not support push. At least not that I know. I use the Email app with my Gmail account setting entered in. But, you can set it to fetch your email every 15 Min., every hour, automatically (which is what I do), or manually. I think there's another setting besides the ones I just mentioned but I cannot recall it. If I remember right, I think those settings are in the accounts and passwords section. They're kind of hidden, but if they're not there, then I'd try opening the email account and looking there. If all else fails, look in the settings for the email app. I'm sorry I cannot be any more helpful in locating those settings.

Best of luck and hope this helps.

Count button?

I am having the same issue you are. Before updating to IOS 11, I used to be able to see that I have new items in the native apps such as e-mail and messages, and in other apps such as diceworld when it is my turn to play. I cannot see that anymore so I have to actually open each app and check for new items! When I restart my phone, it works for a little time then reverts to not showing me anything on the outside! But now you mentioned a count button. I never came across anything called count button so could you tell me where it is?
Best regards,
Hala on an IPhone 8


I'm sorry. I used an incorrect name in my comment. When i mention a count button, iwas refering to the badge taht appear on an app icon. The badge, if i'm correct, indicate the number of unread elements for this app. In my case i'am experiencing trouble with the Podcast app and the Mail App.

I'm a frenc Canadian user. I did not know the correct designation for the badge. I use the french version of IOS and I tried to explain in my own words that I have this bug.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.