Noncontiguous selection not possible in iTunes with JAWS?

How on Earth do I select items noncontiguously in iTunes for Windows using JAWS 14? Control+Down Arrow and Control+Up Arrow don't work because iTunes has those keystrokes mapped to the volume slider, and Control+Space doesn't work either. An Apple Accessibility rep suggested that noncontiguous selection in iTunes may not be possible for JAWS users. Is this true, and if not, how do I do this?


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I don't think that this is possible for JAWs users with iTunes at this time.

Re: Shift+Down Arrow

Shift+Down Arrow is for selecting multiple items, but it is not for noncontiguous selection, so it wouldn't work for what I want to do. Apple should remap the keystrokes in iTunes for Windows so that they don't override the standard Windows keystrokes, or at least give us the option to remap them ourselves...This will fix the noncontiguous selection problem, and probably several others as well.

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You might check out a program called BlindTunes. The web site is The guy who made this also did scripts for JAWS with Rhapsody and they seem to work pretty well. I am not familiar with the iTunes scripts for JAWS though.